Wholesale Tableware

Welcome to Kitchway’s exceptional range of wholesale tableware and crockery. Here you will find all the wholesale tableware and crockery products you need to stock your commercial kitchen, including a wide range of cutlery, plates, bowls, smallware, teaware, dinnerware, melamine dinnerware, table accessories, jugs and serving baskets.

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Our wholesale tableware collection is highly extensive and diverse with everything from fine dining to everyday crockery supplies.

We know that every business is unique and has its own character. This is why you will discover an impressive selection of wholesale tableware in a wide range of materials and styles to help match the aesthetic of your business. Kitchway believes in a personal, dedicated customer service, so do not hesitate to get in contact for advice or questions on our products.

Kitchway offers a large selection of wholesale tableware at the most competitive prices. Through hard work, a wealth of experience and an unbeatable record on customer service, Kitchway has established itself as a leading supplier of wholesale tableware and crockery in the UK.

We have developed special relationships with top kitchenware manufacturers, which allows us to bring you the highest quality wholesale tableware at the most reasonable prices. We have ranges that are ideal for restaurants, cafes, pubs, hotels, catering companies, fast food chains, schools, and care homes.

All of our wholesale tableware and crockery is of the highest quality and is hard wearing and durable, so you can trust our products will last. In addition to this extensive collection of tableware, we also stock specialist Asian dinnerware, Asian tableware and Asian crockery. Visit our Asianware collection.