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Contemporary Tea Pot Lid 40cl/14ozContemporary Tea Pot Lid 40cl/14oz
Crescent Plate - 27.5 cm -
Line Flat Plate-29cm -
Porcelite Oatmeal Bowl-16cm
Porcelite Bowl Shape CupPorcelite Bowl Shape Cup
Mug - 32clMug - 32cl
Roma Cup-9clPorcelite Espresso Roma Cup and Saucer - Pack of 6
Porcelite Focus Oval PlattersPorcelite Focus Oval Platters
Porcelite Focus Soup Plate-22cm
Porcelite Gastronorm DishPorcelite Gastronorm Dish
Porcelite Latte MugPorcelite Latte Mug
Porcelite Napoli Mug-450ml
Porcelite Oval Eared Dish 16.5cm/6.5\'\'Porcelite Oval Eared Dishes - Pack of 6

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