Consider the Benefits

 Preserves Working Capital – Choosing to Lease Capital Equipment allows valuable cash to remain in the business and allows for continued growth

✓ Budget Control - With a finance lease the payments remain fixed for the
duration of the contract allowing for effective budget control

✓ Protects Other Lines of Credit - Existing credit lines, such as bank overdraft
facilities remain intact

✓ Correct Product Now - Spreading the cost of the most suited product is better
than settling for a cheaper, inferior product, ensuring your business does not have
to compromise

✓ No Fee Settlement - A finance lease can be settled in full at anytime, without any penalty charges

✓ Tax Efficient - A lease is 100% allowable against pre tax profits for the duration of the agreement


For more information contact our sales team on: 020 3519 0267 -


*Ownership can be passed at the end of finance term. Finance subject to underwriting & approval.

Please check your individual Tax Circumstances with your Accountant.

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