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02 December

The January slump in the restaurant industry and how to avoid it

How to Market your Restaurant to Avoid the January Slump. Right now, you’re worked off your feet. Staff are rushing around to meet the demands of hungry customers; your restaurant is full and you’re doing well. You have mastered the Christmas rush and are reaping the rewards of December for the restaurant industry.But now is not the time to become...

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02 June

Preparing Your Catering Company for A Large-Scale Event

Is Your Catering Company Ready for a Large-Scale Event? Any seasoned catering company will know that there is a big difference between successfully servicing a smaller or mid-sized event compared to a large-scale event.Large events attracting big crowds can be a game changer for catering companies and if pulled off with finesse, these large events can put you head and shoulders above...

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14 December


Exploring your Christmas Bakingware Collection You have planned well for the festive season and have prepared an exquisite special menu, but how can your commercial eatery really stand out this year and leave competitors in the dust?Take a page from commercial bakeries. Baked desserts are highly popular in the winter months but especially at Christmas. Bakeries will see an increase...

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12 December

Featured Product of the Month December 2018

December Featured Product – The Glamorous Ocean Classic Champagne Saucer Welcome to the Kitchway featured product of the month!Each month we pick out one of our most popular and enticing products to feature and tell you all about why it will make a fantastic addition to your commercial kitchenware collection.For December we couldn’t resist choosing the Ocean Classic Champagne Saucer.This...

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