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Kitchway is home to a phenomenal range of spectacular wholesale glassware. With our collection of affordable wholesale glassware from the most experienced designers and manufactures you will be pouring, clinking and sipping your way to excellence. Discover elegant wholesale glassware with our stemware, glass bottles and carafes, tumblers, mixers and speciality wholesale glassware.

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Showing 1-48 of 134 Results

Wholesale glassware is the ultimate drinking receptacle. While other materials have also become popular, such as polycarbonate, nothing else quite holds a candle to the array of glassware choices available and the prestige associated with glassware. Restaurants, bars, pubs and hotels simply cannot do without a strong stock of beautiful and varied wholesale glassware to put a smile on your guests’ faces. Sommeliers, spirit and cocktail connoisseurs have long understood the important of the right glassware for the right beverage. Wine, Champagne, beer, martinis, brandy and mojitos all have different intended glassware and no bartenders can get away with confusing them. Glassware holds a special cultural association and guests will appreciate a varied selection to match each possible drink. Kitchway provide impressive wholesale glassware at competitive prices, so you can stock your business barware more easily.

For some situations, such as festivals, concerts, outdoor bar and restaurant areas and children’s areas you may prefer to opt for non glass drinkware. This will be an advantage for any location with a high probability of glass breakage. Not to worry because Kitchway also offer an incredibly diverse range of non glass drinkware to browse as well.