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Discover an extensive catalogue of superior wholesale utensils.  Your chefs require reliable, sturdy and long-lasting restaurant utensils to continue delivering wonderful food to your customers and keep those profits rolling in. Kitchway’s wholesale utensils are strong and will stand the test of time as you stir, scoop and flip your way to culinary excellence. We have a variety of great restaurant utensils, including ladles, zesters, melon ballers, serving spoons, bar spoons, cooking spoons, Julep strainers and even handy wholesale utensil holders. Kitchway also offer an impressive assortment of wholesale kitchen tongs, such as our stainless steel tongs, polycarbonate tongs, ice tongs, spaghetti tongs, scissor tongs, BBQ tongs, cake tongs, pastry tongs and bread tongs. 

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Ice Tongs
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BBQ Tongs

Of course, one thing most chefs cannot do without is expert kitchen knives. Head on over to our wholesale kitchen knives to find the right equipment for chopping and slicing. If your commercial kitchen required specialist utensils like pizza cutters and servers, we recommend browsing our extra special pizza supplies and pizza peels & servers collection. We also have a great Asianware cooking utensils, including ladles and skimmers.  

With this selection of premier wholesale utensils your chefs, caterers and severing staff will have everything they need to prepare, cook and serve remarkable, delicious meals to satisfied customers. These wholesale utensils are great value for money whether you buy one or need high volume orders. If you need to save money on repeat orders or bulk orders of restaurant utensils sign up for a Kitchway business account for even lower prices.