Serving Baskets

Discover Kitchway’s delightful range of wholesale serving baskets. Our wholesale serving baskets come in a wide array of sizes, styles and materials, including plastic, wicker, stainless steel and cloth.

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Presentation is everything. We understand that for any successful commercial kitchen this is true. Serving baskets are an important part of your tableware offering to customers and are useful for many different purposes when it comes to the dining experience. Wholesale serving baskets are ideal for bread but also make excellent presentation for serving all other kinds of dry food, such as chips or even for condiment sachets. Serving baskets don’t have to be saved for traditional items, they can store dry entrees, side dishes and parts of your desserts. You can incorporate serving baskets into the unique style of your servingware, in fact, serving baskets have become popular as fashionable alternatives to plates and servingware, just as wooden and slate boards are now frequently seen instead of standard plates to add an interesting twist to your tableware experience.

You can also use wholesale serving baskets for storing almost any kitchen item you can think of. We have cutlery storage baskets and large serving baskets on stands for displaying food or condiments. With plenty of wholesale serving baskets to choose from, the Kitchway range has something for every style of establishment. Our wholesale serving baskets are at home in Michelin star restaurants, boutique cafes, cosy pubs, trendy bars, department store cafeterias, bustling school lunch halls and any commercial eatery.