Restaurant Dispensers

Welcome to Kitchway’s stock of the highest quality restaurant dispensers. Our state-of-the-art wholesale dispensers are a must have for hotels and buffets. Browse our top of the range restaurant dispensers at super affordable prices. Our premium selection includes the best in napkin dispensers, toothpick dispensers, sugar dispensers, straw dispensers, syrup dispensers, coffee dispensers, milk dispensers, cereal dispensers and juice dispensers.

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Included in our collection are the finest wholesale dispensers with the latest technology. If you’re seeking advanced restaurant dispensers then you will find the ideal new addition to your restaurant supplies with these modern dispensing devices. The selection includes restaurant dispensers with sophisticated temperature controlling technology, in addition to simpler dispensers for the straight forward pouring of liquids, sauces and syrups. The cooling temperature control dispensers keep liquids cool and fresh to the delight of your guests. With some of our most advanced wholesale dispensers you will even get the option of multiple cooling temperatures. You will also find hot liquid dispensers for piping coffees and rotating cereal dispensers.

Our restaurant dispensers are great for buffets, American style diners, fast food chains, hotels and B&B breakfast bars and any restaurants implementing free refills. If you cannot find the product you are looking for do not hesitate to get in touch with our helpful staff on 020 3519 0267 or email us at You won’t find better value restaurant dispensers anywhere else. Be sure to browse the rest of our restaurant supplies and barware section, including drinkware and servingware.