Wholesale Glass Bottles and Carafes

As part of our renowned bar supplies, Kitchway present our wholesale glass bottles and carafes. These practical and charming pieces of glassware make a big impact when serving your beverages. Wholesale glass bottles and carafes are ideal for serving water, juices, infusions and even alcoholic drinks. They are far more attractive than a carton, plastic or opaque bottle and give your table setting a sense of ambiance and sophistication.

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Glass bottles and carafes are usually used to serve water, but they almost make a wonderful display for serving wine. In many restaurants and specific countries, glass carafes are a popular alternative to having a wine bottle on the table. The glass carafes carry cultural connotations and can offer your business a personality and chic presentation when serving wine. Our wholesale glass bottles and carafes are sturdy, strong yet elegant and available at great wholesale prices. This allows small and larger commercial kitchens to stock up on gorgeous glassware without breaking the bank.

Kitchway is the simple answer to wholesale barware. This means we are designed specifically with businesses like yours in mind. We are here to help you find the products that suit your company best and make ordering easy for both smaller and larger businesses. If your looking to make bulk orders of wholesale glass bottles and carafes we can guarantee the best deals, fast shipping and simple repeat ordering.