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Browse an assortment of leading restaurant woks from Kitchway for the lowest prices. Asianware is one of Kitchway's top specialities when it comes to quality wholesale kitchenware, including the finest in restaurant woks. The woks you can find in our range are of the highest standards. They are hard-wearing, high-performance and suitable for heavy use in busy restaurants, fast food chains and any eatery. Shop our collection of commercial woks, including mini woks, stainless steel woks, non-stick carbon woks, iron woks, woks with handles, wok lids and wok covers.

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Kitchway supply our commercial woks to Asian style restaurants in the UK of every size from small boutique restaurants to Michelin star restaurants. Wholesale woks are perfect for commercial caterers and pop up street food stalls as well. We have, therefore, developed close relationships with many top Asian restaurants in the UK who are already benefitting by ordering their restaurant woks with Kitchway. By choosing to order your Asian kitchenware with us, you will always have the stock you need to prepare the best in Asian dining. Our range doesn’t just cover woks for Chinese cuisine either, we also have exceptional Japanese woks and Taiwanese woks and we are always adding to our collection to bring you the best choice of wholesale woks.

We also supply wok racks, to make storing large collections of woks easier for your business. If you need to order a full stock of Asian kitchenware, why not take a look in our chopsticks range, skimmers and ladles and Asian kitchen appliances collections. If you produce beautiful Japanese cuisine, we also have our Japanese tableware range.