Wholesale Cutting Boards

Wholesale cutting boards are an important staple of any professional kitchen. A kitchen without the addition of essential kitchen chopping boards isn’t really a commercial kitchen at all. Here at Kitchway you can source strong, long-lasting wholesale cutting boards that will stand the test of time. Cutting boards need to be sturdy, in fact they need to be one of the strongest pieces of commercial kitchenware in your arsenal to withstand regular use under the knife. Wholesale cutting boards protect kitchen surfaces from scratches and damage caused by cutting, dicing and chopping but they are also a must have for any hygiene conscious chef.

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Kitchen chopping boards protect your kitchen surfaces from food contamination. This means, whatever the materials of your counter tops, they will be shielded from food stains and most importantly contamination from raw meat. Raw ingredients can be hazardous to human health and kitchens must always be kept clean and safe for your customers. Wholesale cutting boards are durable, yet easy to wash helping you keep your commercial kitchen stay clean and safe. Kitchway provide multi coloured wholesale cutting board sets, so chefs can safely use the different boards for meat, chicken, fish, vegetables and bread. This ensures a hygienic cooking environment. We also stock chopping board racks for easy storage of your cutting boards and chopping board brushes to aid with in-depth cleaning.

In order to chop and cut on your new kitchen chopping boards, you’re going to need specialist kitchen knives. Head over to our range of wholesale kitchen knives and order today.