Japanese Tableware

Kitchway are proud to specialise in a diverse spectrum of Asian kitchenware, including beautifully delicate Japanese tableware. While much of our Asian dinnerware section is devoted to highly popular Chinese kitchenware, we are pleased to present this dedicated selection of products especially for chefs looking to bring perfect Japanese cuisine to life. Japanese tableware is very different from Chinese, Korean or Vietnamese tableware. While many Western customers may not be aware of the differences, each country and even each region has its own local food and with it, its own tableware. Japanese tableware can cover many different kitchen products because there are several separate varieties of traditional Japanese cooking. Most of our Japanese tableware is dedicated to the arts of sushi and Ramen. In our carefully chosen Japanese tableware collection you can shop for sushi rollers, sushi hand roll racks, Japanese noodle bowls, bamboo sushi plates, Japanese serving trays, soya sauce dispensers, Japanese lunch boxes, Shabu bowls, wood sushi servers and decorative sushi servers, including bridge and boat styles.

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This means your Japanese or fusion restaurant can hone the fine craft of Japanese cooking and create stunning dishes every time with Kitchway’s Japanese tableware. By shopping our full range of kitchenware, including tableware, food preparation, Asian dinnerware, Asian kitchen appliances and Japanese Tableware, you should have everything you need to create and serve any style of Japanese food, whether it is ramen, Yakitori, Shabu-shabu, Kare Raisu or sushi and sashimi.

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