Non Glass Drinkware

Explore a superior range of non glass drinkware, including wholesale polycarbonate glasses with Kitchway. Some establishments will need more durable alternatives to traditional glassware. Glassware is the most popular drinkware but, in some locations, there is a high probability of glass breakage and danger from broken glass. For these venues wholesale polycarbonate glasses and other non glass drinkware provide an attractive and practical solution. Kitchway provide businesses large and small with wholesale polycarbonate glasses, speciality ceramic drinkware, other varieties of plastic glasses, unbreakable glasses and non glass drinkware.

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Polycarbonate glasses are a popular alternative to glassware because it is strong, chip and scratch resistant and looks exactly like glass. This means your guests can still have the enjoyment of all the different shaped glasses for cocktails, wine and beer safely. Polycarbonate glasses are a firm favourite among commercial catering companies for outdoor events, such as festivals or concerts but they also make a smart option for bars, hotels and restaurants with outdoor eating and drinking areas. Outdoor areas increase the risk of glass breakage and so non glass drinkware can save you money and work. Non glass drinkware and polycarbonate glasses are highly recommended for schools and other children’s areas where the risk of danger from broken glass is higher.

Non glass drinkware like wholesale polycarbonate glasses are also a great choice for value for money and ease of cleaning. Another great benefit of wholesale polycarbonate glasses is that they are easily produced in a range of colours, so if you want to add some individuality and a splash of colourful fun to your drinkware collection, we can help you find the perfect non glass drinkware.