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Welcome to our wholesale tumblers ensemble. Bartenders serving a wide variety of drinks must ensure they have a respectable stock of various glass tumblers as well as stemware. Just as you will find with our stemware and other glassware, Kitchway’s wholesale tumblers feature an abundance of choice, design and are of the highest quality. While we always provide our products at the lowest wholesale prices, we never compromise on the quality of our merchandise. Browse and shop our wholesale tumblers, including water glasses, shot glasses, juice glasses and cocktail tumblers.

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Junior Shot-25ml - Kitchway.com

Kitchway’s glass tumblers come from reliable and talented manufacturers who understand what makes an exceptional piece of glassware. In our collection of superior wholesale tumblers, you will find a mind-bending choice of highball and lowball tumblers from top glassware designers. Highball tumblers are ideal for water, soft drinks, carbonated cocktails and long alcoholic drinks. Lowball tumblers are perfect for still cocktails and neat spirits.  

If you’re planning to serve your beverages outdoors or in an environment with a high probability of glass breakage, you could save money by choosing non glass wholesale tumblers. Polycarbonate tumblers are strong and shatter resistant. If you’re looking for something extra special, to make your barware standout, why not browse our wholesale speciality glassware. Here you will find unique and novelty glassware, including speciality glass tumblers. We also have an impressive collection of delightful wholesale stemware for wine, brandy, cocktails and Champagne.