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Junior Shot-25ml -
Junior Shot Glass - 35ml -
Biconic High Ball - 410ml -
Tall Vodka Shot - 60ml
Connexion Highball glass 350ml -
V Series Tumbler - 140mlV Series Tumbler - 140ml
Connexion Double Rock 350ml -
Stolzle Isar Mug-40ml
Whiskey Florescent Bottom-320ml
Cocktail Glass Flourescent Bottom-240ml -
Ducale Champagne Flute - 170ml -
Stolzle Weinland Shot Glass-80ml
Weinland Whisky TumblerWeinland Whisky Tumbler
Weimar Tumbler glass - Kitchway.comWeimar Tumbler glass -
Weinland Top Drink Long Glass - 390ml
Save 66%
Pour Bottle with Spout and Cap - Kitchway.comPour Bottle with Spout and Cap -
Save 20%
L\'Amour Champagne Flute Glass
Connexion Coupe Glass 215ml -
Connexion Cocktail Martini 215ml -
Signature Wine GlassesSignature Wine Glasses
Becher Tumbler Glass - Kitchway.comBecher Tumbler Glass -
Stolzle Weinland Port Wine-230ml
Experience Glasses - Highball, Tumbler & Mix Drink - Kitchway.comExperience Glasses - Highball, Tumbler & Mix Drink -
Signature Flute - 170ml
Stolzle  Liqueur Glass-55ml
Stolzle Weinland White Wine
Stolzle New York Bar Shot Glass-57ml
Stolzle NYB Whisky Tumbler-320ml
Banquet Champagne Flute - 170ml -
Banquet Stemmed Water/Pilsner Glass - 450ml -
Stolzle NYB Longdrink-405ml
Stolzle NYB Highball-320ml
Mixed Drink Tumbler Glass - 350ml -
Stolzle Weinland Champagne Flute-200ml
Stolzle Weinland Red Wine-450ml

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