Skimmers and Ladles

Welcome to our catalogue of expert skimmers and ladles especially for Asian cookery. Skimmers and ladles are a useful addition to any business’ restaurant supplies but they are often an essential part of cooking and serving for Asian style restaurants. Browse high-quality ladles and skimmers, including mesh skimmers, bambooed handled skimmers, bamboo soup spoons, coarse skimmers, noodle skimmers, wok ladles and bird's nest skimmers.

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Ladles make ideal serving and stirring tools for sumptuous Asian soups and broths and you cannot really enjoy certain Asian hot pots without a skimmer. Skimmers can also perform well in place of a spoon when cooking in the wok, when serving from the wok to reduce oiliness of the food and to prevent scratching your wok. When cooking in woks, food must be fried at a high heat and the open mesh of a skimmer allows for heat to permeate the food continually rather than interrupt the heat. A strong skimmer will also allow your chefs to safely remove food from hot water or oil, to blanch vegetables or to skim foam from soups and hot pots. The long handles of our skimmers keep your chefs safe from splatter, heat and burns from spitting oil. The skimmers you will find in this collection are mainly spider skimmers, the most popular type of skimmer in Asian style cooking. You can easily identify them from their spider web style mesh pattern.