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Impress Your Guests with the Finest Commercial Hospitality Equipment

Kitchway supply a comprehensive range of hotel kitchen equipment, including tableware,
smallware, servingware, drinkware, ovenware, barware, food preparation, bakingware and

Thanks to our extensive range of stunning, yet low-cost kitchen supplies, Kitchway has
become especially popular in the hotel and hospitality industry.

Kitchway was founded to offer a simple solution to wholesale kitchenware for businesses
and in a short time our bespoke offering has attracted a great deal of attention from the
major food service industries. We now specialise in supplying outstanding kitchen supplies
for Restaurants, Catering Companies and Hotels.

Our wholesale kitchen supplies service is designed specifically for commercial kitchens and
is perfect for the needs of hotels. We enable hotels of every size and style to source all their
hotel restaurant supplies in our easy to use online shop.

While all our ranges of commercial hospitality equipment are of the best quality, Kitchway
products are available at low wholesale prices, so hotels can buy in the high volumes they
require for their customers and easily replenish their supplies without great expense.

Browse a wide selection of hotel restaurant supplies and hotel restaurant accessories or
contact us and our highly trained team of hotel kitchenware experts can guide you to find
the perfect kitchen collections for your establishment.

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Get Better Value for Money on Your Hotel Kitchen Equipment Supplies

Kitchway is a rising star in the commercial hospitality equipment industry. Our specialist
team have a wealth of experience when it comes to high performing kitchenware and the
needs of busy hotel operators. Thanks to our history of working with top players in the
kitchenware industry, we have been able to create collections of restaurant supplies from
the most renowned manufacturers yet provide them for our hotel customers at the most
competitive prices on the market.


All hotels will need an impressive collection of hotel kitchen equipment, whether you have a
full restaurant, a bar, simply provide breakfasts in your B&B or even just teas and coffees.
Guests expect the very best from their stay and knowing you have a reliable source of
beautiful, yet durable hospitality equipment will put your mind at ease and let you focus on
making your guests’ stay a wonderful experience.

The Simple Answer to Your Hotel Restaurant Supplies

Hotels provide an extremely diverse range of experiences to their customers. From
convenient chains and small B&Bs to rustic countryside abodes, glamorous contemporary
offerings and luxury boutique hotels, the styles and atmospheres are delightfully endless.

Every successful hotel is special and needs to prove their quality in every aspect of their
commercial hospitality equipment. High-quality hotel kitchenware that matches your hotel’s
character is important to keep your guests happy.

That means you need to have a wide spectrum of hotel kitchen equipment to choose from,
with a reliable stock and fast delivery. This is why the Kitchway service will be the simple
solution for your hotel. We have worked with a variety of hotels and continue to deliver an
exceptional service to happy customers. Kitchway understand that your hotel is unique and
that is why, in addition to proving great hotel kitchenware in our online shop, we focus on a
personalised service for each and every one of our customers.

On top of having the lowest prices, fast delivery and a great range of stock, we are helping
to make sourcing your hotel kitchen equipment an even better experience with the
Kitchway Business Accounts.

Choosing our Business Accounts guarantees even lower pricing on high volume orders for
hotels, faster shipping and a dedicated account manager. This ensures your repeat orders
are processed quickly, on time and you have everything you need for peak seasons and
events and a knowledgeable adviser when you need to discover new products for your

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