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Ideal for: This 4 Compartment Condiment Container is a great tool for any restaurant or bar because it can hold multiple items and they do not necessarily have to be condiments

Durable: Made out of stainless steel for its ease of maintenance and durability

Easy to use: Since the compartments are detachable, clean-up is a breeze, simply empty out and give a good clean rinse.


  • Material: Stainless Steel casing
  • Variants: Compartment Size
Brand: Thunder Group
Kitchway Item Number: KW172099
Type: Container
Every business wants to make sure that the customer is happy, As a restaurant or etc. One good way to ensure great customer satisfaction is by making sure every table has all the basic necessities to satisfy the customer's needs, Keeping a few essential condiments on every table will keep your customers coming back

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