Blue Diamond Tumbler 720ml -Dozen

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Ideal for: This tumbler is ideal for any pizza joint or flashy diner, iced tea, sodas, mixed drinks, or beer. It brings a burst of color, fun, and excitement to enhance your customers' overall dining experience.

Design: This Diamond Tumbler Polycarbonate drinkware is unique in that it offers the look of glass, but it is shatterproof and break resistant creating a safe dining environment. These tumblers come in an appealing blue hint, giving your beverages and restaurant or bar some character!

Durable: This Diamond Tumbler is shatterproof and breaks resistant In addition to its durability, these glasses are customer friendly. The paneled surface makes these cups easy to grip, especially for younger customers and individuals with limited dexterity


  • Material: Polycarbonate
  • Style: Paneled
  • Size: 720ml
  • Shape: Round
  • Available colors: Clear, green, red, blue

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