Deglon Sabatier 8 Piece Chef Knife Set

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3 x Cooks Knives, Fillet Knife, Boning Knife, Palette Knife, Steel, Peeler and Wallet

Improve your preparation tasks, with the Deglon Sabatier 8-piece chef knife set. This set includes: 25cm (10") cooks knife, 15cm (6") cooks knife, 10cm (4") cooks knife, 15cm (6") fillet knife, 15cm (6") boning knife, 20cm (8") palette knife, 25cm (10") sharpening steel and a peeler, all supplied in a black-fold up wallet.

The variety of knives allow you to effortlessly prepare the dish of your choice - with professional constructions that are made to last. The sharpening steel is used to prevent the knives from becoming blunt, whilst the fold-up wallet is ideal for storing and transporting the knives - saving you money on replacements and keeping your knives safe and secure.

Product features

  • Material Stainless Steel
  • Weight 1.7kg
  • Colour Black
  • 10" cooks knife
  • 6" cooks knife
  • 4" cooks knife
  • 6" fillet knife
  • 6" boning knife
  • 8" palette knife (Hygiplas)
  • 10" sharpening steel (Vogue)
  • Peeler (Vogue)
  • Supplied in black roll-up wallet
  • Dishwasher safe

Must be 18 or older to order

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