Olympia Liquid Chafing Fuel With Wick 6 Hour (Pack of 12)

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Looking for a safe way to keep your guests' food hot at the table? Then this pack of 12, 6-hour chafing fuel tins from Olympia is ideal for you. Designed with safety in mind, the fuel non-flammable and non-combustible unless the wick is present, making it safer in the event of accidental spillage.

The relightable wick allows you to use all of the chafing fuel in each tin, which helps to save you money on wasted solution and allows each tin to be used during multiple services until empty - providing excellent cost-per-use.

When alight, the container will not become hot to touch which helps to keep guests and staff safe by reducing the risk of burn injuries.

Product features

  • Material Stainless Steel
  • Weight 310g
  • Relightable wick allows you to use all of the chafing fuel
  • Easy to open and reseal for fast set-up and packing-away
  • Container remains cool even when alight to reduce the risk of burn injuries
  • Helps to keep food warm at the table for longer
  • Approved as a non-hazardous food heating fuel and is therefore not restricted by storage or transport restrictions
  • Does not evaporate if left open which saves fuel
  • For professional use only

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