Rational iCombi Pro ICP 6-1/1G Gas Combi Oven

RationalSKU: ICP 6-1/1G

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The iCombi Pro is a revolutionary new kitchen appliance that uses its advanced intelligence to adapt to your specific cooking needs. It thinks, learns, and never forgets, allowing it to constantly improve and optimize its performance. With the ability to control humidity, air speed, and temperature, the iCombi Pro is able to achieve the desired results with ease. Its dynamic response ensures that it is always ready to meet your requirements, no matter what you're cooking. Whether you're a professional chef or a home cook, the iCombi Pro is an invaluable tool that will help you achieve perfect results every time.

Has the cooking cabinet door been open too long? Is the steak thicker than usual? Are there more chips than the last time? It will automatically adjust the settings and deliver your desired result. Time and time again. With extreme efficiency. After all, that's what iCombi Pro intelligence is for.

What do you get out of it? All kinds of freedom and the certainty of reaching your goals. Exactly as you imagine.


Of course, cooking intelligence has also been completely renewed. We completely redesigned this in the iCookingSuite. This allows the iCombi to know exactly how to achieve the best results. Even if you decide to switch between a single load and a full load. You always have the full freedom and of course the flexibility you are used to.


iProduction Manager

iLevelControlThrough the iProduction manager you can plan the production and you can indicate which products can be prepared together. You will see that in this way the rest of the preparation will go completely by itself.




The perfect climate in the preparation room ensures that the iDensityControl. This, together with all other functions, also ensures 50% higher productivity, shortened cooking time by up to 10% and saves iCombi Pro up to 10% more on energy and water consumption than the previous models.

Specifications & Features
Model Design model
Door Right hinged
Core temperature monitor ✔
Hand shower ✔
Cleaning system ✔
Water connection ✔
Water tank
Weight 99 kg
Temperature range 30°C to 300 ºC
Warranty 1 year
Warranty type On-site warranty
Width 850 mm
Depth 842 mm
Height 754 mm
Maximum Gastronorm size 1/1 Gastronorm
Number of levels 6
Number of meals  30 – 100 per day
Electric/gas version Gas
Connection voltage 230 V
Connection value 0.6 kW
Gas Power 13.5 kW

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