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Showing 1 - 36 of 212 products
1/1 Adjustable Salamander Grill
1/1 Sous Vide Water Bath
Sirman 1/1 Sous Vide Water Bath
Sale price£980.00
1/2 Adjustable Salamander Grill
10" Pizza Display Cabinet
Sirman 10" Pizza Display Cabinet
Sale price£1,220.00
1000 Vacuum Packer Storage Bags
100mm Burger Press
Sirman 100mm Burger Press
Sale price£450.00
10kg Bench-mounted Potato Peeler
12" Pizza Display Cabinet
Sirman 12" Pizza Display Cabinet
Sale price£1,320.00
150mm Burger Press
Sirman 150mm Burger Press
Sale price£535.00
1600 Vacuum Packer Cooking Bags
2.5kw Countertop Induction Hob
2.5mm Mincing Plate for TC32
2/3 Sous Vide Water Bath
Sirman 2/3 Sous Vide Water Bath
Sale price£835.00
2000 Vacuum Packer Cooking Bags
20kg Bench-mounted Potato Peeler
2500 Vacuum Packer Cooking Bags
2mm Mincing Plate for TC12
2mm Mincing Plate for TC22
2mm Mincing Plate for TC32
3.5kw Countertop Induction Hob
3.5mm Mincing Plate for TC12
3.5mm Mincing Plate for TC22
3.5mm Mincing Plate for TC32
320/2 Pizza Dough Roller
Sirman 320/2 Pizza Dough Roller
Sale price£1,500.00
3mm Mincing Plate for TC12
3mm Mincing Plate for TC22
3mm Mincing Plate for TC32
3mm Mincing Plate for TC8
4-Feature Stainless Steel Sanitation Station
4.5mm Mincing Plate for TC12
4.5mm Mincing Plate for TC22
4.5mm Mincing Plate for TC32
4.5mm Mincing Plate for TC8
40M Shrink Wrapper
Sirman 40M Shrink Wrapper
Sale price£435.00
420/2 Pizza Dough Roller
Sirman 420/2 Pizza Dough Roller
Sale price£1,690.00
45K Shrink Wrapper
Sirman 45K Shrink Wrapper
Sale price£435.00

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