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Welcome to Kitchway’s top-of-the-range wholesale catering supplies.

We are proud to be known as one of the UK’s leading suppliers of wholesale kitchenware.
Our products and service are designed especially for businesses with busy commercial
kitchens to make sourcing your wholesale catering supplies easy and affordable.

While we provide kitchenware and catering equipment to a wide range of businesses both
large and small across the UK, Kitchway have worked hard to develop a unique and
unparalleled service for 3 core industries: Hotels, Restaurants and Catering Companies.

Since the launch of Kitchway, we have had the great pleasure of working alongside many
successful and ambitious catering companies and as a result, we have become specialist
commercial catering equipment suppliers.

Our tableware, barware, food preparation, baking and warewashing products are perfect for
catering companies who require a reliable stock of high-quality products.

No matter the style of the event you are catering for, we are certain you will find the right
catering supplies here in the Kitchway online shop. The Kitchway service is the simple
answer to catering supplies for mobile/delivery catering companies and hospitality venues.

Browse our extensive range, which are all available at the lowest wholesale prices for easy
high-volume ordering:

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Why You Should Choose Industry Experts in Commercial Catering Equipment

You won’t find another wholesale catering supplies company quite like Kitchway.

There are a number of wholesale kitchenware suppliers around the country, but few others
have honed their products and service especially for the catering industry.

We understand the trials and tribulations of modern catering companies. No other
commercial kitchens require such a wide variety of products and the potential need for
rapid bulk ordering at a moment’s notice when you are booked for a special event.

Your commercial catering equipment needs to be of the highest standard, fit the aesthetic
of the event, all collections must match with the ability to easily replace items and be
durable to withstand heavy use and bustling environments.

With weddings, festivals, hospitality venues, exhibitions and parties on the rota, successful
catering businesses must possess a high level of organisational skills, yet an ability to be
extremely flexible.

Often the pressures put upon your company will be akin to that of a high-end event planner,
while clients still expect your service to blend seamlessly with other event features
organised by other businesses. All of this means a good catering company knows

preparation is key. At a high-level catering event your staff have a lot on their plate, so to
speak, and worrying about your catering equipment is the last thing you need.

That is why choosing an expert commercial catering equipment supplier is essential.
Kitchway can guarantee a diverse range of the best products at truly affordable prices ready
for rapid delivery.

Our catering supplies cover a wide range of styles. Whether you’re looking to create an
atmosphere of fine dining, serving casual street food or catering a themed event, we have
you covered, and all items are easily replaceable and available for repeat orders, so you
never have to worry about new supplies matching your current collection.

Kitchway only provide catering supplies from the most reputable kitchenware
manufacturers, so our customers know they are receiving the finest products that they can
rely on in any scenario.


Easy and Cost-effective Bulk Ordering of Catering Supplies with Kitchway

Kitchway’s commercial catering equipment is easy to browse and buy in our online shop but
for an even better service, we recommend signing up for a Business Account.

Kitchway Business Accounts are perfect for professional catering companies. You will
benefit from even lower special pricing on high volume orders and a dedicated account
manager. We are always on hand to help you source the right products easily and efficiently
and get them shipped out to you quickly. Having a Business Account makes repeat ordering
simple, enabling your catering business to always deliver an outstanding service to your

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