Featured Product of the Month December 2018

December Featured Product – The Glamorous Ocean Classic Champagne Saucer

Welcome to the Kitchway featured product of the month!

Each month we pick out one of our most popular and enticing products to feature and tell you all about why it will make a fantastic addition to your commercial kitchenware collection.

For December we couldn’t resist choosing the Ocean Classic Champagne Saucer.

This elegant and attractive piece of glass stemware comes from a renowned designer and one of their most prestigious glassware collections.

The Ocean Classic Champagne saucer is a 200ml volume and boasts a beautiful slim stem that is surprisingly strong and durable for heavy everyday use in a commercial bar setting.

This product is one of the Kitchway team’s favourite pieces from our drinkware range and is available at the shockingly low price of £1.13. We have specially sourced this product for our barware selection to enable easy bulk buying at low wholesale prices. This makes it an ideal addition for restaurants, bars, pubs, hotels and catering firms of any size. Since Kitchway believe in offering
some of the most competitive prices on the market, this is one of the lowest prices you will find for the Ocean Classic Champagne Saucer.

It is perfect for adding a touch of class to any drinking venue with its brilliantly clear glass and luxurious shape.
This Champagne saucer is dishwasher safe, freezer safe and in high demand this December. With Christmas and New Year on the horizon Champagne consumption is on the rise, but what we love about this particular product is that its appeal does not stop at festive fizz. A Champagne saucer like this delectable piece from the Ocean classic collection works wonderfully with a range of drinks.
Bartenders will love using it for Champagne, sparkling wine, still wine, cocktails, mocktails, soft drinks, spirits and it will be at home in the creation of any signature drink as well.

Stunning Wholesale Stemware from a Top Designer

We have a number of glamorous stemware products, but we absolutely adore this Champagne saucer because it is crafted from a major designer who understands the needs of stemware in commercial settings, such as bars and restaurants. Ocean glassware is a stunningly crafted glass collection, perfect for heavy commercial use, yet never compromising on beauty and luxury feel.
This collection is well known for their high quality and optimum clarity and shine.

Ocean make their high-quality glass products from soda lime glass and their stemware pieces stand out with effortless beauty in any setting.

Champagne Saucers Vs Champagne Flutes

It is easy to see why we would pick a Champagne glass as our featured product for December. Every good bartender and restaurateur know that Champagne consumption is at an all-time high this month in the UK. But why did we choose a Champagne saucer rather than a Champagne flute to showcase to our fans and clients?

Champagne saucers like the Ocean Classic have really caught our imaginations this season. After all, the saucer screams extra luxury and special occasions. This is because the Champagne saucer is actually the oldest style of Champagne glass.

While flutes and tulip glasses provide a great taste, you will find guests long for tradition at this time of year.

The coupe glass or Champagne saucer, as it is better known, was popular long before the flute. Thanks to its history, it has a deeply evocative effect on the psychology of your guests. It speaks of luxurious settings and grand parties that were popular with the rich and famous in the 1920s when this glass would have been in every fashionable hand.

The saucer has undisputed vintage power and in 2018 there has never been a greater love for the vintage aesthetic.

With Christmas adding extra heaps of love for nostalgia in everyone's minds, this glass has both visual impact and memory impact to seduce your customers.

A Champagne saucer will also change the taste and scent of your drink. You want to hit customers with that feeling of opulence and decadence straight away. A saucer allows this since its more open shape means more of the aroma of the beverage is free to travel.

Another great reason to choose a Champagne saucer like these excellent value Ocean Classic Champagne saucers is their versatility. It isn’t just Champagne drinking that is increasing in December. More alcohol will be flowing in general and this glass will put a smile on the lips of wine drinkers, cocktail drinkers and spirit drinkers, as well as traditionalists sticking to the Champagne.

Create joy for your customers by ordering our featured product of the month, the Ocean Classic Champagne Saucer for your business this December.

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