Exploring your Christmas Bakingware Collection

You have planned well for the festive season and have prepared an exquisite special menu, but how can your commercial eatery really stand out this year and leave competitors in the dust?

Take a page from commercial bakeries. Baked desserts are highly popular in the winter months but especially at Christmas. Bakeries will see an increase in orders and will be rolling out some of their most impressive pieces to catch the eyes of guests.

Even if your restaurant, catering business or hotel doesn’t normally focus on baked desserts, the Christmas period is the ideal time of year to break the mould and try something different.

Is your Commercial Kitchen Ready to Deliver Fabulous Baked Desserts?

Any successful and experienced commercial kitchen understands that there are a truly huge variety of cooking disciplines. Baking in particular stands out as a separate skill. There are many chefs who are talented cooks but not necessarily skilled at baking and vice versa.

Having ensured your chef is up to the task, you can try featuring some beautiful Christmas themed desserts on your menu, such as highly decorated iced Christmas cakes, Christmas biscuits and cookies, gingerbread men, gingerbread houses, snow dusted brownies, mince pies, stolen, coconut snowballs and much more.

Not only do these desserts look impressive on your menu but they are easy to display in your windows and attract even more guests and revenue.

Of course, it isn’t just baking skills you need to have ready for action, your establishment will require a decent stock of baking supplies.

If baked desserts are usually only an occasional feature on your menu, you will need to review your bakeware before adding impressive desserts to your menu.

So, what are the essential baking supplies every commercial kitchen needs on standby for such an occasion?

While your average commercial bakery will have an enormous ensemble of baking supplies, your business only needs a few vital pieces to create beautiful baked masterpieces.

Before adding scrumptious baked Christmas treats to your offering, make sure your baking supplies include….

A Standard Bundt Cake Tin

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An assortment of cake tins is a must have for your Christmas baking supplies, but a Bundt cake tin will be especially handy at Christmas. Thanks to their hollow centre, more of the batter touches the sides giving it that crisp, firm texture. The advantage of making Bundt cakes at Christmas is that this type of cake is stronger for supporting frosting, which you can craft into beautiful Christmas cake displays.

Gingerbread & Cookie Cutters

Would it really be Christmas without a gingerbread man or snow-covered cookie? The great thing about gingerbread men and Christmas cookies is that they are easy to make, visually effective and guests and their children will adore them.

Rolling Pins

Cookies, brownies and pastries are all staples of seasonal Christmas baking but you won’t get far without several rolling pins. Ensure your business has an ample stock, so you can use a fresh pin while the others are in soak to remove excess dough and pastry.

Pastry Cutters


Delicate pastries are a more ambitious venture but with a talented chef these can be a show stopper at Christmas and lend themselves to plenty of customisation.

Measuring Spoons

No matter which recipe you follow or whether your chef is inventing their own creation, you will likely need an assortment of measuring spoons close at hand to produce perfectly balanced baked desserts.

Cooling Racks

Any busy restaurant will have cooling racks but ensure you have plenty to allow cakes and other desserts to cool before adding them to your display cabinets.

Muffin Pans

Light fluffy muffins and cupcakes are a hit with customers year round but naturally the December period is the time to use them to make divine mince pies.

Flour Sifters

No self-respecting restaurant or commercial dining establishment of any kind can afford to produce baked treats with a lumpy consistency. Flour sifters are crucial for a wide range of baked desserts.

Sheet Pans

Sheet pans are likely already a major part of your kitchenware ensemble because their uses are endless in both baking, roasting and heating various dishes. If you need thin pastry, a place to bake your biscuits or even just to quickly heat a baked dessert ready for serving, sheet pans will your best friend in the kitchen.


Dredges are perfect for adding the thin layer of icing sugar that is going to put that special Christmas snow effect on all your baked goodies.

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